Advantages of Semi-Custom Homes

Some people can easily visualize the architectural style and specific design of their new home. However, even people who have this ability can benefit from seeing floor plans that are already designed and proven to work. There are thousands of decisions to be made in building a fully-custom home. Sometimes beginning with existing floor plans can reduce the number of decisions you need to make and give you a place to start making a home your own.

Do you need three garage bays, an extra bedroom or a mother-in-law suite? Have you always dreamed of having a custom pool with a tiki bar, an outdoor living and dining area with a fireplace, a wine cellar or media room? Starting with a workable floor plan can save you time, frustration, money and quite probably make your new home more functional and appealing for resale. Feel free to incorporate the options you want to an existing floor plan you like. Depending on the restrictions where you are building, you can usually have what you want without starting from a blank piece of paper.

The same is true with the building elevations. If you know you want a home with a Mediterranean style of architecture and you don’t want to spend several million dollars to design and build it, a semi-custom home may be a more affordable choice. Home builders like JM Communities in Sarasota, Florida offer numerous options in elevations and floor plans that can be customized to suit your lifestyle and taste. You will spend your time and money choosing finishes, interior colors and furnishing your home instead of agonizing over blueprints and struggling through the building approval process. Semi-custom homes are an affordable alternative to a custom home yet offer much more customization than a moderately-priced community development.