Managing Construction For Quality

“Messy job sites are the canary in the coal mine,” says Jim Moynihan, Founder and President of JM Communities. “If you want to ensure a high quality finished product, attention to detail is critical. One sign of a highly-functioning construction team is a clean job site at the end of every day.” Long before a construction project starts, the quest for quality begins. Jim Moynihan sources sub-contractors through site inspections, contractor referrals, and work on past projects. Once he has a short list, Jim personally inspects each sub-contractor’s work and if that meets expectations, he invites them for a personal interview. Jim started his building and development career in the construction trades and managed projects while obtaining a business degree. He holds a Florida Class B General Contractor license as well as a Class “A” General Contractor’s license in Sarasota County. Having successfully built more than 600 homes as well as medical offices, retail, mixed-use and condominiums, Jim understands the construction process.

Marjorie Floyd, a repeat investment partner with JM Communities says, “Jim works really hard to select subcontractors whose work ethic and respect for quality mirror his own and it shows in the homes and condominiums he builds. I also think frequent personal meetings and his good-humored approach to business keep everyone informed and motivated.”
The JM Communities team believes that when sub-contractors have clear direction and are working on schedule and on budget, there is a camaraderie and desire to put forth their best effort. It is a big part of what makes JM Communities projects successful and Jim oversees every job site personally to maintain that positive and professional atmosphere. “When the site is orderly, it inspires efficiency, respect between the trades, increases safety and results in the high level of quality we demand for our customers,” said Moynihan.